MTT Is a Multilevel Gift

By Lynn (Gurupremananda) Cattafi-Heinlein

As my Svaroopa® Yoga and Meditation practices deepened, I felt pulled toward Meditation Teacher Training (MTT).  MTT expanded and honed my communication skills.  I learned how to speak the ancient language of Consciousness.  As an unrivaled master-of-communication, Gurudevi showed me how to put these profound and ancient teachings into my own words.  I was also surprised to find that my ability to communicate in all areas of my life improved as well. 

Of all the life-changing courses offered by Gurudevi, this one has the greatest effect!  In addition thoroughly training us to teach Intro to Meditation, she injected her rocket fuel to propel us past our minds and deeply into Self. — Ruth B.

MTT prepares you to teach meditation to a wide audience.  I feel well prepared to do so. — Margie W.

Each day in the course, Gurudevi gave a beautiful, in-depth discourse on the sutras.  Each evening, we had a writing assignment to prepare a short talk on one of the sutras.  We each pushed through our inner obstacles to complete our talks.  The next day we presented our words to our small group.  

The process was loving and supportive.  The coaching we gave and received helped the teachings to land inside each of us.  The camaraderie with my fellow MTT students was amazing.  Through my certification as a Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation Teacher, Gurudevi authorized me as a modern-day representative of this ancient tradition.

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