Shivaratri: The Holy Night of “Siva by Priya Kenney

Would you stay awake the whole night long if you could recognize your own divinity?  On February 28th, millions of yogis and Hindus around the globe will stop their doing-ness and turn their awareness inside to honor and worship Lord “Siva in celebration of the Night of “Siva, Shivaratri.

You can celebrate Shivaratri with Swamiji on Saturday, March 1st, in conjunction with Meditation Teacher Training at The Desmond or you can join this great celebration, quietly, in your own home.

For yogis, the two holiest days of the year are Shivaratri and Guru Purnima. Guru Purnima is celebrated on the fullest of the full moons. Shivaratri takes place on the new moon, the dark of the moon — empty, yet so not empty. The shadow of the new moon is brimming with the irrepressible light within.

Shivaratri is a very dark and mysterious night, perfect for a deep internal contemplation on your own Self, “Siva.  Perfect for plumbing the depths of your full capacity for knowing.

We will need at least the whole night to contemplate “Siva, the One with 108 names and many forms:  Rudra, the meditating yogi; Nataraja, the king of the dance; Bhairava, the fierce form of “Siva; Ardhanarishvara, the joining of “Siva and “Sakti into one; and the purest form of all, the “Siva Linga, which holds all of “Siva within it.

Watch for more articles on the ancient tradition of Shivaratri and how to have your own celebration.

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