Comings & Goings

img_0033_01Kendra Lemmon is stepping up to a new position as our Acting Programs Manager.  Congratulations, Kendra, and thank you!  Kendra has been serving as an Administrative Assistant, handling many diverse task   s, including getting our expanded staff and office spaces functional with phones, computers and reliable electrical service.  She will now oversee and support our Enrollment Advisors, as well as sevites and staff in Guest Services and our Enrollment System, plus she will soon move into coordinating with hosts for the programs we bring to your home town.

img_0043_01Jessica Kreil, in Guest Services, is also stepping up to a new level.  She is working with Sharada Macdonald to design our expanded shop area, planned for our move to Lokananda (when it is ready), as part of her overseeing product sales both in-house and online.  She continues to work with The Desmond Hotel to provide for your housing and meals, as well as provide airport shuttle service when you need it.  In addition, she is now managing the programs at Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center, which will keep her in close connection with all the yogis who make the Ashram part of their life, whether they live locally or are in town for a yogic experience.  We are grateful for your loving touch, Jessica.

mangalaWelcome to Mangala (Cayla) Allen, who is now serving as Rukmini Abbruzzi’s administrative assistant.  She’s working in our academic records, which includes processing new teacher and therapist certificates as well as sending course-related emails. She will also be managing our phone courses, helping with administration for DTS and working with our ever-expanding program calendar.  Thank you Mangala!

img_0016_01Sharada Macdonald continues to support us behind the scenes, most recently helping in the recruitment of many of our newer staff members.  She is now assisting Swami Nirmalananda with several year-end projects that will expand our ability to serve you.  Thank you to Sharada as well as to all our sevites and staff, who make the Ashram able to bring you the high quality of programs we are known for.

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