Morning Meditation — by Gayatri Hess

nityananda on bedEvery morning I wake up, get dressed and slowly walk the rocky streets to Nityananda’s temple. I walk alone and savor this time as I do japa, take in the pre-dawn awakening of this sweet village, and prepare for morning abhishek.

In abhishek, all my senses take in the full experience of the morning with Nityananda. I am filled with great love, gratitude and reverence for the Divinity I experience and see in each action and person. I drop in and out of meditation and experience abhishek on many levels, but the sweetest part of my morning is when I cross the street to His House.  I sit where Nityananda lived, His presence as real as if I were actually sitting at His feet. I feel the love and guidance of Swami as if I were sitting at her feet too.

How blessed I am to be in this village of masters; how blessed we all are to understand that we have this support when we sit and meditate and live our lives. Even sweeter, when you start home from work in the late afternoon, think of Ganeshpuri — this village is alive with preparing Nityananda for His day.  Close your eyes and imagine this outpouring of love honoring Nityananda and each of us. On Namah Shivaya.

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