The Heart of Ganeshpuri – by Amala Lynn Cattafi Heinlein

Ganeshpuri makes everything so easy! (of course, that is after  the Grace knocks you on your ass, picks you back up, and blasts your heart open! LOL). All of the things that seem so difficult at home are easy here. I easily get up before dawn, meditate for extended periods, walk to temple in the dark to bask in the power of ancient rituals that are so beautiful! To the people fortunate enough to live here, it is just their everyday normal… To me, it is reawakening!

India started to call me several days before I arrived. The plane ride started to set the stage: my in-flight TV did not work, so I just read Muktananda’s words, recited mantra and slept. Upon arrival I was moved to tears to be immediately able to recognize the quiet stillness in the middle of the swirling chaos that is Mumbai.  That stillness had been eluding me in recent weeks.

Ganeshpuri roadThen Ganeshpuri opened its heart to me once again.  This little village, that looks like a dusty little one horse town to the unaware person, is the source of the most auspicious moments of my life, and the source of my relationship with Swami Nirmalananda, my Guru.

We had a Yaj~na a few days ago, an ancient fire ceremony. It was held under the huge banyan tree where Nityananda sat to meditate when he first arrived in this region. It is also the same spot where Swamiji took her sannyasa vows, and the yaj~na today was officiated by the same Brahmin priests!

All things in Ganeshpuri seem to have lovingly aligned to bless me in this lifetime with the Grace of Guru. I am so aware of this and so, so grateful. Ganeshpuri is my heart. I have received so much because of this little town. So much more than I could ever repay.

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