A Is for… — by Dean Cilley

Abishek is the ritual bathing of the Nityananda murti in Ganeshpuri each morning.

Balabala picked me up on arrival at the Mumbai airport for transport to Ganeshpuri at 1 AM.

dhotiClasses in Svaroopa® yoga asana were taught by one of three great teachers — Kamala Gross, Bhakta Johnson and Yogeshwari Fountain — daily at 11 AM.

Dhoti is the ceremonial clothing worn by men.

Early risers get the most out of each day (by attending the Nityananda arati).

Families provide support so we could all travel here to Ganeshpuri.

Gurus are everywhere.

Holy cows wander the streets.

Incredible — India is really incredible.

Jaya jaya arati” is sung to honor Bhagawan Nityananda.

47Krpa — Guru Krpa— is Guru’s Grace.

Lineage of Gurus:  Bhagawan Nityananda, Swami Muktanana, Swami Nirmalananda.

Moti and Iqbal Memon cover the logistical needs to make our trip go smoothly.

Nimboli is the home of the Fire Mountain Ashram, which hosted us for lunch one day.

Opportunities abound for meditation and deeper spiritual practices.

People — one of every six people in the world lives in India, the largest democracy.

Quintessential spiritual experiences happen in Ganeshpuri.

Ritual is a part of every day in Ganeshpuri.

Tuk-tuks are the small motorized rickshaws that offer public transportation.

Upma is a tasty breakfast dish.

Valentine’s Day is when this blog was written.

Weather in Ganeshpuri is sunny and dry this time of year. How nice!

Xtra-special is the time we shared together here in Ganeshpuri.

Yes, I am returning…

Zoom is how fast our time went here.

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