In Gratitude — by Monika Schulz

Ganeshpuri.  I have returned after my first visit in December 2010.  Walking down the main road on my first day back, it feels as though time has folded back on itself, that I had only been away for 4 weeks rather than a full 4 years.

Kids-waving-GaneshpuriI must confess that my initial visit was rife with hard-core resistance.  Perhaps the resistance was related to the unfamiliarity of life in this rural village, or to feeling overwhelmed by the energy that abides here or to just plain not being ready for the experience.  Still I came away from Ganeshpuri feeling happy about the connections I had made with the friendly and gracious people who live here and with my fellow Svaroopis.

During the first Satsang of this retreat, Swamiji commented that you can’t ever truly leave Ganeshpuri, and that Grace etches away patterns that no longer serve you, if you allow it.  That makes sense to me.  The etching that has occurred these past few years has given me a go-with-the-flow attitude as I continue to move through the process.  I encounter resistance daily, multiple times daily, but it melts away fairly quickly.  Some long-standing resistances are also beginning to crumble.  So here I am again immersed in Grace and filled with gratitude.

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