Your Gifts Make a Difference

Join Saguna is supporting the Ashram's Next Steps. Click the image above to donate today.

Thank you for supporting the Ashram’s Next Steps. There’s still time to donate – click the image above to donate today.

Thank you for your generous donations of $34,498.26 during our spring fundraiser, The Next Steps.  Your donations are helping us make the next steps in our service to you – by improving our online presence, expanding our physical facilities, investing in staff training, and more.  Our Board members were deeply touched in their personal phone calls with our monthly donors, as everyone spoke of how much they cherish their relationship with Swamiji and the Svaroopa® sciences.

“I am so grateful for you who reached into your heart and your pocket and gave to support the Ashram. Thank you so much!” — Amala Lynn Cattafi, Board President

“You have brought yoga into your life in yet another way. Your giving is a grateful and practical acknowledgment for the flow of Grace that is supporting you right now. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for responding so beautifully to our fundraising campaign.”  — Rudrani Nogue, Board member

“For your contribution to the our Next Steps campaign, thank you. If you still intend to donate, thank you. Even if you were unable to donate this time, thank you. Whether you make donations, do seva, take teacher training or Ashram programs, or ‘simply’ follow Swami Nirmalananda, thank you. You are why we do what we do.”  — Karuna Beaver, Board member

“Thank you for joining me in supporting SVA in our most recent fundraising campaign. It gives me great joy to financially support an organization that continues to give me and our community so much spiritual support.”  — Kristine Freeman, Board member

“Your donation is the sustaining, nurturing and caring force that supports Swamiji and Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram in bringing the amazing gift of the Self to the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  — Saguna Goss, Board Treasurer

“It fills my heart with gratitude, knowing that we have such generous support for Swamiji and Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram. Your continued support makes it possible for upliftment to expand into our wider world.” — Prakash Falbaum, Board member

Donor gifts will be going out soon to everyone who began or increased their monthly donation.  We’ll first be asking you if you want the audio of Swami Nirmalananda doing mantra-japa, or if you prefer sacred ash from our February yaj~na (sacred fire ceremony).  If you already know, please email; your gift will be sent out in early June.

If you would still like to add to our ability to serve you, please click here to donate.  Every gift makes a difference.

OM svaroopa svasvabhava namo nama.h

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