Your Bliss Place – by Rudrani (Rosemary) Nogue, Board Member

Rudrani_GaneshpuriAt the Ashram with Swamiji, I have deep experiences of inner bliss, because the sacred “location” where Guru’s Grace and shakti are grounded is a catalyst to my opening inward to Self. Location is such an important support for connecting with our inner bliss!

I first learned this lesson years ago practicing yoga in another style. My husband and I had three growing sons living at home and space was limited.  My morning asana practice took place on our bedroom floor, and my husband had to step over me as he got ready for work, which didn’t work well for either of us.

When our sons left home and I discovered Svaroopa® yoga and meditation, I knew I needed to claim a dedicated yoga space. Thus, a spare bedroom has become sacred space, a true “yoga room.” Through daily meditation, chanting, asana practice and arati to pictures of Swamiji and our lineage, it supports me in looking inward.

After years of being hosted in commercial locations, our Svaroopa® yoga and meditation community needs our very own sacred space for teacher training, programs and retreats.  It is time for us to claim our own “sacred space” in the world. Lokananda, the building that we purchased in Downingtown last year, is nearly ready to provide this environment.

Our completely renovated first floor is already housing public programs in Downingtown including chanting Sri Guru Gita and holding satsangs and local yoga and meditation classes. The shakti is accumulating and concentrating in the building. The renewal of Lokananda on the first floor has been funded through revenue from meditation programs and donors.

Now we are working to improve the upper apartments (two are already vacated) so you can be immersed in an ashram environment during teacher training, yoga and meditation programs and retreats.  In turn, having a building dedicated to yoga and meditation supports our Guru and our Teacher Trainers. This historic building needs care, both inside and outside including a new roof, and preparing the upper floors to house you.  Now your financial support in our capital campaign is needed to complete this renovating/remodelling project.

Our capital campaign goal of a $150,000 is a big one — requiring support from each and everyone. The funds that you give will have a direct impact on what can be renewed and how long it will take.  Please join me in donating. Together we can claim our own sacred space and ground the Guru’s Grace in it to support our journey, individually and as a community, into the Bliss of Beingness. Choose the method that works best for your budget, either a lump sum or a pledge over a period of time. Now is the time to step up and lay claim to your own Bliss Place.

Click to donate or for more info, or call us at 610.644.7555

OM svaroopa svasvabhava.h namo nama.h

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