Being a Meditation Teacher

By Rudrani (Rosemary) Nogue

Rudrani_GaneshpuriIt has been a significant growth process for me. With the original “syllabus course,” the training was challenging. Even so, it felt like a blissful reunion with inner knowing, which I hadn’t given the opportunity to bloom.  Once I allowed it to emerge, I understood that teaching meditation is an integral part of the journey on the path of the Svaroopa® Sciences.

That original MTT was hard yet amazing for me all at the same time. While the intensity of the experience was surprising, it was also amazing to hear about the unique experiences of each teacher-in-training as she or he shared.  The shakti within the group and Swamiji’s teachings opened each of us to a deep internal experience. In the very first course I taught at home, I had 14 participants. My students were completely ready for the “More.” Over the years, classes continued to fill, and I have been glad to be able to serve my students so well.

Then after Swamiji took sannyas, she offered the MTT Upgrade. My response was “I need to take it!”  The Empowered Mantra takes people immediately into the Self. When I teach meditation now, Grace abounds, flowing to us so directly with Swamiji as our conduit of Grace embodied in our lineage. Students are propelled immediately into Self in their first class. Our Svaroopa® yoga community has grown larger as Consciousness has expanded within us.  In November we’re once again hosting Foundations, with 22 already registered.

If you are certified to teach the original syllabus course, you are already experiencing the wonders of introducing your students to the “More.” If you have focused on teaching our marvelous Svaroopa® yoga asana protocols, you have doubtless given your students access to bliss within. Yet, with the Empowered Mantra MTT, you can count on so easily propelling yourself and them into profoundly greater depths.

Let Swamiji do for you and your students what a recent MTT grad experienced: “Swamiji is a generous Master Teacher. She reaches inside you and brings forth that knowingness beyond knowing. Makes it accessible and useful.”

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