A Few More Bucks and Bricks for Bliss

By Prakash (David) Falbaum


Together we are becoming established in bliss, as a community. Nothing has made this clearer than last fall’s great start on our Bliss Place Capital Campaign. The generosity of many Svaroopis has provided some of the needed funds to move our renovations of Lokananda forward, to make it our full-service retreat center for our full-spectrum yoga.IMG_8210

Lokananda means “bliss place,” and is ready to welcome you into a center saturated with shakti, streaming with the Grace of the Guru.  I feel that Lokananda is truly my home away from home and I hope you feel the same way. Here you are nurtured with delicious, healthful vegetarian meals to support your practices. Our Chef is able to customize any dish for soy-free, gluten-free, vegan and any other dietary restrictions. Lokananda houses you in comfort and community and at 23% less than The Desmond. Even the dormitories are infused with shakti. Wow!

Lokananda 1I feel intensely how much the Ashram means to me, knowing now we are all housed in an Ashram campus. Now that we are housed, fed, immersed and trained in Lokananda, we receive a direct connection to all the inspiration that flows through Swamiji, without any external impediments.

While our Fall Capital Campaign got us going on the updating of our “new” 130-year-old building, there’s lots more to do. As we appeal for your support of this important project, I hope you’ll eagerly jump in, for you are creating your own spiritual home – for yourself and for others. Especially if you are not one of the 36 donors who generously gave last fall, we invite you to participate now in “raising a bliss building.” This event is a more profound community endeavor than even the traditional barn raising!

Lounge 1

It feels good to give when you can see the future that your contribution will bring about. When you contribute financially to complete Lokananda renovations and prepare for the care of the building, you can be sure your donation goes to an immeasurably good cause for others as well as for yourself. As your opening to Self expands, you pave the way for others who seek the More.

With donations to date, we have been able to complete a full year of renovations, but we still need your contribution. As with any construction project, we are dealing with overruns. As can be the case with a real estate purchase, a new roof is needed. And then there are the unforeseen maintenance issues that arise anywhere.

So we still need $113,000. That can sound like a lot of money, but we are a large community, and your contribution, in any amount, moves us toward our goal. If each yogi contributes the amount that truly fits your budget, out of gratitude for the growth and opening you’ve already experienced, we are THERE, established in our Place of Bliss. We are established in a strong and charming building already steeped in Shakti. I hope you will join me in giving until it feels good!

Click here to donate or for more info, or simply phone us at 610.644.7555.  Thank you for your loving generosity.

OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah

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