Sacred Spaces Don’t Build Themselves

kristineBy Kristine Freeman

We members of the Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram community are in partnership with our Teacher, Swami Nirmalananda. The essence of this partnership is the flow between Guru’s Grace and Disciple’s Grace. Because Guru’s Grace enlivens the physical space in which she teaches, Lokananda, our new program and training facility, is now tangibly full of transformative Shakti. Disciple’s Grace flows in the form of financial support to manifest Lokananda, the place where our Guru’s embodied Divine Grace can be grounded.


Over the past year and a half, our 130-year-old Lokananda has been diligently, intelligently and artfully renovated. It’s already a turbocharged space. Through more than a decade in the Svaroopa® yoga community, I have experienced teacher training and other programs in many different places. None of them have felt as “rocket powered” as our new Lokananda, which physically integrates all facets of our organization under one roof: meditation center, training facility, immersions and retreats, local classes and administration. Lokananda is your launch pad into your own Self. This space has the capacity to help open you to your inner fast track.

lokananda swami

Kailasa – Meditation Room

My experience of the Divine within has already been so much greater than in any other space. Speaking for myself and the rest of our Board, I thank the 36 donors who have already contributed to the Capital Campaign; you have taken us a huge step forward — in fact, 20% of the way toward our goal of $150,0000. Because of your financial support, the interior of Lokananda is comfortable, beautiful and fully supportive of your experience of svaroopa!


But more work on the “old dame” is needed, such as a new roof (isn’t that most always the case with the purchase of a new home?), more plumbing and wiring and a reserve for upcoming needs. Please look into your heart and into your wallet to see how you can be a part of Disciple’s Grace with a contribution to our Bliss Place Capital Campaign. Be part of creating the place for easy access to your own Divine Self.

To the 36 donors who have already contributed, we thank you so much. We could not have gotten where you are without you. Now we need the larger community to step in andswami help us get to the final goal. When we say any amount is welcome, we mean it!! We truly do!!! Your participation is even more important than the amount. Let us count you in. Then Lokananda will be ready to welcome you into a sacred space like no other.
“Just as a lightning bolt strikes the earth, Divine Grace must be grounded. It is yogis who make this happen, through their own practices as well as by providing a home for the Master who embodies and shares this Grace. I am forever grateful to those who make me able to do my work.” — Swami Nirmalananda

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