Relationship Is Reciprocal

carolyn_beaverBy Karuna Beaver

My children grew up watching “Sesame Street” and “Mr. Rogers” on PBS. For our local station’s annual fundraiser, the shows would take a break and cut to their phone bank volunteers taking calls. I remember calling in with my son, and watching as the hosts read our pledge in his name. He was so excited to be helping his favorite — beloved Cookie Monster.

During our spring fundraiser you will have an opportunity to support your favorite — Svaroopa® yoga! We’ll be calling you, on either May 19 or 21. No, you won’t have your pledge read on TV. Instead our phone bank, Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram sevites, will share your Svaroopa® yoga stories in an online chat room, which connects them while they reach out to you. Our fundraiser theme is “Support Equal Release,” and we know you have some astounding stories about the support your yogic practices provides and the release you’ve gotten. We all tell these stories informally, and now we will have a record of them.

These stories are important because they are your stories. Ultimately, this yogic organization is all about you. It’s about how your practice is changing your life. The purpose of Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram is to be in relationship with you, and to offer you the resources supporting your knowing of who you are at your source, at your core. The Ashram is about the relationships you have with your yoga buddies, your teachers and, if you so choose, your Guru. All are vital relationships.

But you might not have realized that these relationships, like all relationships, are reciprocal. As you more fully experience your own essence, you begin to understand the source of the support that opened the door, Grace. Then perhaps you are inwardly moved to offer your support through teaching, seva and financial support. You receive support. You give support. You are participating in a reciprocal relationship.

Support equals release logo _v1So on your call, please reciprocate with a story. We hope you will also donate to the organization that supports your practices and process. We wish our program fees covered all of our expenses, but the truth of the matter is that they don’t. Running a yoga school and Ashram is not a money-making business. It really isn’t a business at all — it’s a non-profit spiritual service organization. And like all non-profits, we rely on donors to keep our doors open.

The hosts of the PBS fundraisers told their audience that their support was critical in keeping their favorite shows on the air. Long ago, my son had a beginning understanding of the relationship he had with the source of his “visits” with Cookie Monster. He promised financial support to the TV station, and they in turn promised to keep bringing him good times with his TV friend.

Your support works in the same way. It is essential in keeping the teachings flowing to you, for your own benefit at the deepest levels. Whether it’s the practices you do, the stories you share or the financial support you offer, your Support Equals the Release of this important source of knowledge and experience. Support equals release. What a beautiful formula for a fulfilling life. What a wonderful way to discover your Self.

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