Support = Release

PeterGBy Peter Gallagher

Being an accountant, I’m a numbers guy. When I see an equation, I know the two halves can be reversed. Our core Svaroopa® principle, Support Equals Release, sets up an infinite series: support = release = support = release = support = release, and on and on.

In my own practice of Svaroopa® yoga, I look at Support Equals Release from a recipient’s point of view. The releases I received from years of Svaroopa® yoga practice have supported me in a spiritual process, without my seeking it. This process began even before I was conscious of the presence of Guru’s Grace in my life. This support resulted in releasing the best of me into the world. It just happened, supporting those around me including family and clients. All my relationships in the world became easier, effortlessly.

Support equals release logo _v1So my monthly contributions to the Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram come from two sources. First, my automatic monthly contribution stems from my gratitude for the support I have received. My monthly donation is also an expression of the process of releasing my financial fear. I’ve begun to think of the funds spent or saved to satisfy my wants as equivalent to “stuff.” I look at the way I’ve been utilizing money, and I see “stuff” stored in the basement and closets of my mind. This insight supports me in a conscious decision to utilize money better. This decision serves both to release me and to support the Ashram. Here we see Release = Support!

Holding onto money when it’s not needed is like holding your breath for no purpose for a long time. You cut yourself off from a fresh flow of oxygen. Like breath, money is most beneficial when it’s flowing without restriction to serve what is essential to your life.

swamiUltimately, the flow of Guru’s Grace is responsible for the origination of the Svaroopa® Sciences that support us in this community in physical healing and spiritual progress. If you choose to become a teacher, the Svaroopa® Sciences protocols enable you to reliably pass this support to others. During the last 40 years, Swami Nirmalananda has given 32 years in teaching without pay. Yet what is given freely for our benefit is not free of cost.

For the financial health of our Ashram, it’s important for the whole community to contribute at the level that is individually appropriate. Our financial support is essential to sustain the organizational structure of the Ashram, which supports each of us on subtle, personal levels. Please click to make a donation.  Or call 610.644.7555. Monthly donations are particularly effective, because they help SVA budget and plan. For an increase in your monthly donation or a brand new monthly commitment, Swami Nirmalananda will send you her new solo recording of her chanting the mantra, along with japa & meditation instructions.  What a gift!

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