Amazing Support! by Saguna Goss, Board Treasurer

Iblanket stack was in awe when I first experienced the magic of adding another blanket in a Svaroopa® yoga asana class. It blew my mind that having more support under my legs in Shavasana or sitting on a higher stack not only took away discomfort in my body; it also opened up muscles I didn’t even know were tight. Sometimes I got release in places in my body that I didn’t know I had.

Recently, I realized that support = release also applies to my meditation practice. That blew my mind again. Grace supports our meditation practices. Grace is an incredible support.

I began exploring meditation before finding Svaroopa® yoga.  That meditation experience was a wonderful start to my journey, with life changing experiences, yet not comparable to Svaroopa® Vidya meditation. A few weeks ago in the Boise Shaktipat, I had the extraordinary experience of witnessing Grace burn away my mental and emotional contractions, freeing me from their limitations. Amazing!

Support equals release logo _v1The Grace that flows through all of the Svaroopa® practices is a miraculous  support. It provides release physically, mentally and beyond. To honor and respect that Grace, we need to reciprocate the support. As Grace supports our practices, we need to provide support to the organization that the Grace flows through. I ask you to join me in giving, or giving a little more, to the organization that provides us with exceptional support. Support the Grace that supports you and releases you from your limitations and opens you up to knowing who you truly are. To donate, click here. Or call 610.644.7555.

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