Inspired by My Guru

Tirtha TC RichardsBy Tirtha Richards

After reading our August contemplation article, “Inspired by Great Beings”, I am ever so grateful for my Guru, Swami Nirmalananda. It is a reminder that my life circumstances have led me to this Guru, who has received the greatest of gifts from her own Guru, and has dedicated her life to passing forward this precious gift to us. As I write these words, I feel the impact of it throughout my body. The Grace flows through me filling me with bliss, calm and peacefulness.

Role models in my family were slim. Coming from a complex and large family dynamic left me with few to emulate.  As I read about the women in the article, I was so impressed with all they were, and all they accomplished. But when I see the picture of my Guru, before I even read the words about her, I am transported into the state of Grace. I stop and let it fill me. Swamiji has given me everything. Guru’s Grace has transformed me and continues to do so. Granting not only me, but my family with gifts, and service, beyond our imagination!

SwamijiThere is so much available to us. We can listen to her on recordings, read her words, chant with her, see her image and bask in her Grace. All this without leaving our houses, just by going online. But nothing can compare to being in the Guru’s presence. Having Swamiji in this world with us is a gift, but in the same room is powerful beyond imagination. The experience of sitting with the Guru shows us the way, reminds us why we are here, and lets us know what is possible if we follow the path.

I was not the one in a billion to have had a spontaneous mystical experience in youth, so I am extra grateful for my living Guru. She is that living example of all that is available to us if we are willing to do the practice.  This beautiful Shaktipat lineage is the perfect path for me. Receiving Shaktipat from Swamiji has allowed me to have that experience of spontaneous revelation, showing me all that is possible.



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