matrikaBy Matrika Gast, SVA Board Member

Dakshina is heartwarming. When you give financially to the Source of our teachings, you are practicing dakshina. This ancient yogic practice arises from your heartfelt gratitude. And the practice opens your heart and illuminates your life even more.

Though a “child of the Sixties,” I didn’t get it when the Beatles went to India  as well as so many others who were were seeking a guru. Yet I did yearn for the “More.” I had an intuition of the “numinous” within daily reality. I think I picked up the term from Philosophy 101 in college. Wikipedia says numinous “describes the power or presence or realisation of a divinity.” Decades of continued yearning, and my floundering to satisfy it, resulted in my finally stumbling into a Svaroopa® yoga class.

alignment-with-graceThe Svaroopa® Sciences began to expand me into Self immediately. This I know now in looking back, although at the time I didn’t identify feeling fluffy, light, centered, peaceful, energized and uplifted (all at the same time) with “numinous.” Yet it anchored me into Svaroopa® yoga and, eventually, Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation. Expansion and upliftment emerged organically from these practices. Little by little, I found Self within. That sense of the numinous was within me! Truly, what a revelation!! That’s what Swami Nirmalananda, originator of our Svaroopa® Sciences does — she dispenses Grace to reveal that which has always existed. It’s just been hidden within.

I love the practice of dakshina, because it warms my heart with a tangible relationship to the Source of our powerful Svaroopa® practices. One generous donor said, “I give what I am able to give.” Each of us is unique, with unique personal financial circumstances. I described this yogi as a “generous donor,” not based on the amount given. It’s based on the willingness to know what you have received from the Source and to allow your natural gratitude to warm your heart, melt any resistance to giving back and open your wallet accordingly.

1 in 100From the generosity of your warm heart, your financial support stokes the fire and warms the heart of our whole community. Your financial support ensures the strength and reliability of Lokananda, a foundational element of our Ashram infrastructure! This makes our spiritual home a robust reality.

Examples of your loving generosity are plentiful. Here are a few reports offered by our sevite fundraisers:

“Earlier today, I sent a personal reminder email to three yogis, along with a little story of my recent stay at Lokananda.  I mentioned that if they hadn’t yet had a chance to stay there, I hoped they would have that opportunity very soon… I just heard back from one of them that she really appreciated the story about my recent stay at Lokananda and that she was glad for the links to make a donation.”

“Three yogis gave donations to the Capital Campaign: one single donation of $500; one doubling her monthly donation ongoing; and one increasing her monthly donation ongoing. Woohoo!”

“Skyping with a dedicated, longtime Svaroopi overseas, I expressed my gratitude for all that she has done to plant and nurture the Svaroopa® yoga seed in her home country. One of her students just flew to the US to take Foundations at Kripalu, and has already enrolled in Radical Anatomy for October. She understood that I had also called to ask for a donation, and explained that funds were tight due to family needs. I replied that even a $1 increase in her monthly donation would be much appreciated. Her response was to add $5 to her monthly Bliss Place contribution.”

“When I emailed a Svaroopi on my list about arranging for a call, he immediately sent this reply: ‘Would love to talk, either of those times will work, although I must say I already went in on line and added a $42 per month to my existing monthly contributions.’ So I did call him, just to say thank you.”

“A Svaroopi who had taken a YTT course at Lokananda last spring said she had asked Swamiji how to be of service. Swamiji exclaimed, “Raise money!” So this Svaroopi is planning to raise money for Lokananda at a satsang and weekend immersion that will be led by one of our Weekend Workshop leaders. The idea is, if you have great meal in a restaurant, you not only pay for it but you also leave a generous tip for the server. In this case, participants are invited to give a gratuity for the Source of their great satsang and immersion experience.”

Lokananda - Donor gift pictureThe Lokananda Capital Campaign is truly in its homestretch, closing the distance to the finish line. If you have not yet contributed, please look into your heart. Notice your gratitude for the teachings. Let it propel you into the practice of dakshina, giving back to the Source. Truly, any amount makes a difference. You’ll notice the difference inside yourself, moving you ever closer into the Bliss of Self. That is worth every penny — and more.

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