Home Stretch

carolyn_beaverBy Karuna Beaver, SVA Board Member

We’re in the home stretch of our capital campaign to fund our spiritual home, Lokananda. A year ago, the SVA Board of Directors set out to raise $150,000 to pay for the much-needed renovation of our old Grand Dame in Downingtown PA. We came out of the gate quickly, raising more than $65,000. At the first turn, last February, we raised another $35,000 and were two-thirds of the way. This August, we embarked on the final leg of this race. Now we’re dashing along the racecourse between the last turn and the winning post — the home stretch.

It’s the tremendous dedication of you, our donors, that has sped us within sight of our goal. Thank you to each and every one of you. No matter the size of your donation, you made Lokananda happen. You ensured that we hit our stride and readied Lokananda for housing programs and participants beginning October 2015. Your generosity has enabled us to continue to make needed improvements. This means that while you are in residence, whether for a professional training or a retreat, you are at home. Your home.

1 in 100Still, there’s a bit more distance to go. If you’ve been pondering what you can do, now is the time to jump into the race! Your donation is designated for the new roof and other pre-winter needs.  You can help put that roof over your fellow yogis’ heads!

We are all together in the home stretch to securing our spiritual home’s future. The Grace that flows from Lokananda is guaranteed. Every time you visit, you come away more deeply rooted in the practices that set you free from your limitations. Every step you take towards ensuring Lokananda’s future, including the yogic practice of dakshina — financial support for the teachings — brings you closer to knowing your own inherent essence.

If you are still on the sidelines as our Bliss Place Capital Campaign draws to an end, please leap into the home stretch today. It will be great to cross that finish line all together. Know that any donation you make is really an investment in your relationship to Self, your own Divine Essence. Click here to donate. Or give us a call: 610.644.7555, weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Time).Lokananda 3


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