Grateful for the Journey

gayatri-2By Gayatri Hess, SVA Board Member

As a young child and teen, I felt much longing, yet uncertainty about what life was all about. When I tried to make sense of the world around me, I created a life of fear, dissolution, doubt and manipulation. I created many walls and barriers in attempting “self-preservation.” I grew older, got married and began having children. With these relationships, the walls began to crumble a bit, yet my longing was still acute.

One day, my family was hiking up a beautiful winding path to my husband’s favorite vista.  He carried our son on his shoulders, and I held our daughter’s hand. We took frequent stops, since I was also pregnant with our third child. We talked about what we saw and heard. My daughter repeatedly asked if we were there yet. I explained it was not about the “getting there” but the journey along the way. When we did make it to the look out, she exclaimed, “The journey was good. But WOW, it sure is great when you get here too!”

Her statement touched me deeply, creating an opening deep within. I recognized my life is the journey, and the longing is a guidepost directing me to something that I had grown to trust is for my highest good. I had spent many years trying to squash or fix the longing. At this moment, I knew it was time to try something different and maybe lean into the longing.

a-sublime-path-1That led me to Swamiji, Svaroopa® yoga, our Ashram and, most recently, becoming a Board member. What Grace fuels my journey! How blessed and honored I am to be part of this kula, this sacred community. What fertile ground Swamiji has created for each of us. It gives us so many opportunities to deepen into Self. How blessed I am to have found my Guru in this lifetime. To come back in human life is sacred, and to be willing to “lean into the longing” and find my Guru is such a gift.

This realization leads me to ask, “What can I do to give back or to support more?” The more yoga I do, the deeper I go.  Doing more yoga deepens my understanding of the practices. That, in turn, fuels my desire to do the practices more, and with gratitude and intention. I also become aware of a deepening gratitude and reverence for Swamiji and what she gives so freely. I want to support this and my growing kula.

What a gift the practice of dakshina is! My gratitude can flow through this energy of money. I gratefully gift through dakshina in order to support Swamiji and our Ashram. Monthly donations support her in serving as our Guru, Spiritual Teacher and Svaroopa® Yoga Master Teacher. Just as props support me in my asana practice and give me more release, dakshina supports Swami Nirmalananda, Svaroopa® Yoga & Meditation, our Teacher Trainers and all of our programs.  Click here to donate monthly, increase your monthly donation or give a one-time amount, of any size.

1 thought on “Grateful for the Journey

  1. debbielmandel

    What beautiful gifts our children give us! I’ve believed that about it’s the journey, not the destination, for decades, but I limited to trips. How beautiful to hear it said about our spiritual journey. It’s sometimes easy for me to get discouraged by one thing or the other. I’m going to use this along my way on this most important life journey. Thank you! Antaraj~na


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