This Stuff Really Works!

dasiBy Dasi Trautlein

Since I completed the Treating Pain training last year, all of my clients have had less pain. That is, when they do the practices I recommend! My 68-year-old client Karen has had the most remarkable results.

She came to me with over 50 years of chronic pain, affecting knees, hips, lower and upper back, and shoulders. She also suffered from headaches, sinus congestion and insomnia. Karen explained that her muscles were very tight. When she turned quickly, she would lose her balance and experience vertigo. She had shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat. She was under tremendous stress at home. When she filled out her intake form, she marked eight spots on her body. On a scale of 0–10, her pain level in every spot was between 3 and 9. With tears in her eyes, she said coming to see me was “her last hope to avoid living on pain medications.”

After her first session, her body hurt in only three spots. Their highest pain level was 5 & 6. After her second session, again three spots hurt, but their pain level was 2. During her third session, she recognized that during the session she had two minutes of no pain at all.

She completed an 18-session Overlap Healing series; at the end she had no pain to report. She was just tired from all the activity she had enjoyed the day before. Karen became able to play with her granddaughter, participate in family adventures and help with home projects. After her series, she eagerly attended yoga class to learn new ways of using her body. That keeps her from reinjuring herself. She also comes in for weekly yoga therapy sessions. And she is so committed to her weekly class that she quit her book club. Karen says her yoga is “more of a priority.”


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With the pain treatment protocols, I have also been able to work with a client who winced with pain when touched. When she first came in, I could not even give her Shavasana adjustments. The protocols soothed her mind, as well as helping her body. Now she is able to let go and open to the healing possibilities that Svaroopa® yoga therapy offers. I did not have to try to convince her, or explain why. I simply applied the tools that I was given, and they worked.

ATT 262 also taught me how to deal with my reactions to a client’s pain, as well as my desires for Svaroopa® protocols to work. I learned how to rest deeper into my Self, to serve from this place while engaging with someone in pain, fear and doubt. The training increased my confidence in offering and recommending these amazingly powerful practices. The sutra studies helped my mind let go of fear of pain. The sutras led me to understand how pain works in the body and mind. Someone who is gripped by pain, even when Western medicine cannot solve it, can receive lasting change from our simple, deep and incredibly effective Svaroopa® yoga practices.

rukminiWhen I could offer only Embodyment® sessions, my clients would experience change, but it wouldn’t last. This outcome confused me. But the Treating Pain course taught me why and how I could really help clients maintain their openings. What I have learned has translated to all my clients and students. I have also benefitted.  Using these treating pain protocols on myself, I have become a healthier, happier and more energized teacher. As I have changed, my current students are more inspired and motivated.

Having also attracted more students, I have more income and look forward to more trainings. It has been satisfying to serve in this way, and I am so grateful for these tools. I look forward to deepening my skills even more with the yoga therapy trainings for neck and shoulders, and for spine, knees and feet.

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