My Foundations Experience

Janet NeffBy Janet Neff

My Foundations experience was powerful and positive. Yet I never expected to work so hard during those few days. Everything I was learning seemed completely overwhelming! But I got used to the pace. And during the week that followed it all sank in. Then I realized how very much I had absorbed.

Much of what I heard slowly seeped into my head, my mind, my body and my heart. I learned new words, poses, adjustments and facility in using the handouts. I gained ease in moving my body (and arranging blankets!). I learned about the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism along with meditation and chanting. All was so deep and enriching.

4Now when I do the poses in my own practice, I hear the voices of my Foundations Teachers and Yogeshwari Fountain, my local teacher, too! I know more about what is behind it all. My experience in my local class as well as my personal practice is enriched because this thorough learning is taught by knowledgeable and experienced yogis. I also experienced deep physical, mental and emotional openings. I felt that our meditation and chanting sessions helped to solidify our learning and focus our mind and energy.

During the course, I learned the poses and how to teach them with different partners. I observed how that process breaks down barriers. Afterward, I felt closer to every person I worked with. Those I did not get to work with still felt a little bit like strangers to me. Next time, I’ll make sure to partner with every person in our group, if possible.

To me, this experience showed that barriers break down if we get close enough to touch people in healing ways. We see other persons with a more loving and open heart. I am so grateful for the experience. I am so grateful to Yogeshwari for opening the way to my Svaroopa® yoga exploration. I’m not sure yet whether or not I will teach, or whether Foundations will be for my personal experience alone. In time, it will all be revealed. Of that I’m sure.

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