Why I Teach Svaroopa® Yoga

Phil MilgromBy Krishna (Phil) Milgrom

I have taught several styles of yoga. I have been introduced to many more. Nothing compares to Svaroopa® yoga.

I teach Svaroopa® yoga because I know my students are getting the best care possible. They feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Even after their first class, students often report huge improvements. For example, they confide that after that first experience of Svaroopa® yoga, they slept well for the first time in years.

Some come to their first class as a last resort. They had been convinced they would have to live their whole lives in pain. But, after a few weeks of practice, their pain is gone. They feel better about themselves. They are happier.

DSC0116I teach Svaroopa® yoga especially because it empowers my students. I do not want them attending classes for a BandAid. They learn to take care of themselves, to take control of their healing.  The Magic 4 and Ujjayi Pranayama give them a home practice.

Most important is the transformative effect of Svaroopa® yoga at the deepest level. My students regain a sense of wholeness. They came in “beside themselves.” In class they return to Self within.


What brings me the greatest satisfaction is what happens at the bookends of each class.  As students arrive, I am grateful for the opportunity to adjust and ease them into a peaceful, deeply relaxing Shavasana. At the end of class, I enjoy seeing their transformed faces. Only 90 minutes earlier their faces were fraught with anxiety and exhaustion. As they sit up from Yoga Mudra, I see softer faces, with more color and sunny smiles. Their hearts are open, joyful and brimming with gratitude.

Teaching Svaroopa® yoga always leaves me feeling more whole and healthy both physically and spiritually. From the appearance and testimonies of my students at the end of class, I know that they are experiencing the same. I would say it doesn’t get any better than this, but that’s not true. Every day, every one of the 20 years I have been teaching Svaroopa® yoga, it gets even better.

1 thought on “Why I Teach Svaroopa® Yoga

  1. Mark O'Brien

    Greetings Phil! We worked together at DEC in Littleton Ma many moons ago. So happy to see that you are still on the right side of the grass 😉. Best wishes…


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