What a Day!

By Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati


I began as a seeker

before I knew what I was searching for:

something I could not name or describe

even beyond the possibilities my mind could conceive.

Yet my heart cried out…

I knew there must be something more.

The answer was laid out for me

seventy years ago,

when my Baba’s yearning was answered

by the gracious and glorious gift

given by his Guru — Shaktipat!

The inner awakening of his own Divinity

by one who could give such a gift, Nityananda.


I was not yet a toddler,

yet the trajectory of my life was laid before me

like a shooting star illumining my path.

All I had to do was find it.

But I didn’t know where to look.

Muktananda shaktipat

So Muktananda came looking for me.

He brought the gracious and glorious gift,

that only such a great Guru could give — Shaktipat!

And changed my life forever.

For the better.

For the discovery of what I had sought for so long.

For the opportunity to serve him

And to serve you…


August 15 1947

What a glorious day!



2 thoughts on “What a Day!

  1. Philip MIlgrom

    Wow! It was wonderful being with Swami Nirmalananda on that anniversary of his, hers, and ours. It’s wonderful being embraced and lifted by this lineage.

  2. Babhru

    Is the subtle tremble through the spine, vibrating
    with frequency around 40-50 Hz has something to do with moving Kundalini energy?


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