My Favorite Foundations Pose

Priya KenneyReported by Priya Kenney

Saying Half Frog is her favorite, Dianne Sass explains, “I have always had issues with my SI joints.  When I go into Half Frog, I feel a huge release.  I also love the Sacrum Press and Thigh Twist adjustments that a teacher can give students.  It is a very effective tailbone and sacral opener.”

Half FrogLikewise, Wendy Miller names Half Frog as her favorite.  She describes it as “one that I routinely incorporate into my daily practice.  It’s straightforward, and reliably releases my sacrum.  On a good day, I can also release my tailbone!  Half Frog effortlessly gets the job done.”

Tammy Browning declares, “The Foundations course was amazing.  I left feeling rejuvenated and energetic.  I had so much opening and felt so good.  I have an absolute passion for this yoga and had such a great time that I am enrolled in Level 1.  As far as my favorite pose, I loved them all!”

Maria Sichel repeated Foundations recently for her continuing education as a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher (CSYT).  She, too, says, “It is impossible to pick one favorite pose.  My favorite part of studying and reviewing the poses is the process of refinement — experiencing and understanding alignments in a more precise way.  For example, when we learned Garbhasana, Child’s Pose, our Teacher Trainer had me shift my elbows so they were under my shoulders.  I immediately experienced a softening and release through my lower spine.  The pose became more settled and soothing.  This powerful effect came from ‘simply’ aligning more precisely in the pose.”

Foundations YogaAsked to choose her favorite pose, Jane Rubenstein reflects that the choice is hard.  Yet she says, “Shavasana is my favorite.  I become aware of stuck areas I didn’t even know were there.  I enjoy feeling my back relax, become fluid and sink to the floor.  It is an interesting body awareness practice in and of itself.  And I always get a lot out of Lunge.  It creates openings up my entire spine as well as my hip creases.  When I first started Svaroopa® yoga, I found that Lunge unlocked spots that hadn’t moved in years.”

Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga is for everyone — yoga students, yoga teachers and new yogis.  It enlivens and deepens your yoga practice for your home practice, to share yoga with others, or to prepare you for Teacher Training.  Share the experience; invite a friend to join you at Foundations.  Support yourself and your loved ones in soaring to new levels of practice and living.

Fall 2017 — Two Dates/Two Locations:

October 7–11:  Downingtown PA

November 9–13:  Corpus Christi, TX

Click here to enroll.

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