Pain Relief — and So Much More

matrikaReported by Matrika Gast

Kamala Gross 1409 (2)“A new student came to class with so much pain in her hip that she could hardly manage stairs,” reports Kamala (Michelle) Gross, Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher (CSYT) and Yoga Therapist.  “She was even was in pain while she slept.  Lying in Jathara Parivrttanasana (Rotated Stomach Pose) with her knees touching, one foot hung in the air due to the severe twist in her hips.  I supported it on a large blanket roll.  After a few classes, she began yoga therapy private sessions weekly.  Just two months later, her feet rested together in Rotated Stomach Pose due to the realignment in her spine and hips.  After a year of committed yoga practice and weekly sessions, she was climbing stairs nearly pain free, aware only of an occasional, minor hip ache.  Her whole body was more upright and comfortable.”

deb shapiro

“In just three sessions,” shares Deb Shapiro, CSYT and Therapist, “a new client with Parkinson’s disease is feeling relief from pain, and her Parkinson’s symptoms have calmed.  At her first session, she exhibited a lot of shaking as well as stiffness.  She was eager to learn, so I began by teaching her poses she can do at home.  I concluded her first session by leading her in Shavasana and Ujjayi Pranayama.  After she got up from Shavasana, she was not shaking nor was she as stiff.  When I asked her what she was aware of, she smiled.  She said, ‘I feel looser and calmer.  I am so glad I have found Svaroopa® yoga.’

“After two more sessions, she is doing her Svaroopa® yoga poses every other day, and Shavasana with Ujjayi breathing every day.  After her third session, she was steady, and walked out of the studio with more ease.  I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen next!”

Rebecca YacobiA student of Jyoti (Rebecca) Yacobi, CSYT took Svaroopa® yoga classes for two years, had several Embodyment® sessions and committed to a daily Magic 4 and Ujjayi home practice.  Jyoti reports that these approaches “significantly improved mobility in her lower spine.  The tightness and pain in her sacrum is gone.”

Last March, Jyoti completed the next level of yoga therapy training, ATT 262: Treating Pain, and was able to offer more.

Yoga Therapy Intensive

After this student’s second private session with the new treatment protocols, she stopped needing her orthotics.  “She was very excited about this, describing it as her feet ‘opening and touching the earth differently.’  During her private sessions, longtime episodes of nausea and vertigo eased.  After her sixth session, the nausea was virtually gone.

“Then, after several more months, a deeper miracle unfolded.”  In a session, she experienced an inner state that was “deeper” than she had ever experienced before.  Jyoti describes, “That state lasted for several days.  My student said she felt very peaceful, quiet and very deep.  Its profound impact was obvious.”

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