Grace & Gratitude in Real Life

GayatriBy Gayatri Hess

I used to tuck deeper into my covers, longing to stay in bed, when my alarm clock awakened me.  Now I still tuck down for a few extra minutes. Then I reflect on what my first Svaroopa® yoga practice will be. Often, it’s listening to one of Guruji’s talks online. Then I dive into meditation. How alive I feel as I explore the depths within!

I recall one meditation in particular.  I have had some life experiences around which I created a web of thoughts and emotions.   In meditation, I had an experience that felt like a video review of one of the especially stubborn patterns.  I saw the image, feelings and thoughts as if they were being untwisted and lifted out of the top of my head.  I felt an instant sense of gratitude and deep love for my Guru and lineage.  That is Grace and Gratitude.

Experience Shavasana & Ujjayi PranayamaOne of my co-workers recently experienced a loss.  On her third day returning to work, she looked at me and said, “You have no idea how crazy I am inside.  I have been downloading meditation apps.  I need to do something to help me the way your meditation helps you.”  I offered her a CD with Swamiji’s Guided Awareness in Shavasana and with Ujjayi breathing.  My co-worker took it home and began practicing it nightly.  On the third night, she said she slept the entire night.  She has a fresh smile and perk in her step.  That is Grace and Gratitude.

Every time I visit our Ashram in PA, whether it is online, through a phone call, seva, community gathering or reading, I experience my Self.  The Shakti flows through it all.  I have found the answer to my yearning.  That is Grace and Gratitude.

Gratitude and Grace logo full sizeWhen I offer my time, talent or treasure, I experience my Self.  I graciously give financial support monthly to Swamiji and Lokananda.  I look forward to the annual fundraisers and save in anticipation of giving more.  That is Gratitude and Grace.

I thank each of you for being part of this community and graciously giving.  Support creates release! Gracious living and giving is Gratitude and Grace. Please join me in supporting our Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram. Please click here to donate, or call 610.644.7555. Every gift, of any size and frequency, makes a difference.

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