FAQs about Enlightenment

Swami Enlightenment in the Midst of LifeBy Swami Nirmalananda

Will Enlightenment Improve My Life?

Yes, enlightenment will improve your life, but you’re going to get more than that.  Enlightenment will improve the “you” that is living “your” life.  In Kashmiri Shaivism, enlightenment is called “Self-Realization,” meaning it is about you being more you while you are in your life.  In other words, your life is about you — not about who you know, where you go or what you do.

Will I Have a Life After I Am Enlightened?

Yes, probably the same life you have now, unless (of course) you want to make changes.  It’s easier to identify what changes you want as well as how to make them when you’re enlightened.  But it is also easier to live in the real world, share your life with imperfect people and do things that matter to you.  Why?  You’re less confused, more loving and accepting, better able to speak up for yourself and overall happier (regardless of what is happening).  In other words, enlightenment will improve your life?:

Do I Have to Leave My Life to Get Enlightened?

No.  in fact, everything and everyone in your life is working on you.  They’ll all be much happier when you’re enlightened.  To get there, you do have to prioritize it, which means you cultivate a different perspective, even in the midst of the same things.  As you deepen into your own inner center, your perspective gives you a new way to live as well as a new way to make choices.  Even though there are hard parts along the way, life gets easer and easier.  Of course, there are hard parts in life even when you’re not working on enlightenment, so you may as well go for the gold.

How Do I Learn More? 

Join my 2018 multi-media study programme, Enlightenment in the Midst of Life, which begins in March.  Find out more in my FREE Intro Phone Call on February 28.

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