Knowing My Self

vibhuti-2Reported by Varadananda King

“The Year-Long Programme gave me so much more than I had hoped for,” says Dana Clark. “It has helped me to understand all the changes I have been experiencing are a result of my practices.  They are the unfolding of who I really am. I’ve learned to not be fearful when those changes are sometimes difficult.

“I find now a different sort of peace — deeper and more lasting. I rest in the knowledge that I am OK. That allows me to express who I am as I follow my dharma. I am excited and look forward to discovering the more that Swamiji shows us is there.”

Frances Amery notes, “In last year’s Year-Long Programme (YLP), Swamiji’s teachings helped me to understand some of the events that had been happening in my meditations as well as in my day-to-day life. The tools Swamiji gave, such as the litany, were most helpful in sorting through the inevitable ups and downs. Having taken several YLPs previously, I find that the flow of Grace is tangible from the very moment I register. Each year, I find the YLP profoundly nourishing on so many levels that I would hate to miss one. Deep gratitude to my dear Guru and fellow yogis who travel this path with me!”

“How to vocalize OM was one of the many powerful takeaways,” says Antaraj~na (Deborah) Mandel. “Swamiji taught us how to properly form the word.  In a meditation with Muktananda’s OM Namah Shivaya playing in the background, I was with Muktananda and singing with him. His mouth opened as he formed OM and a perfect bindu came forth. Once released, it became the Universe. I was One with Muktananda and with the creation of the Universe.”

Describing her profound experiences as a Year-Long Programme student, Brenda Benna recalls, “Each time has been a revelation of the mysteries of things, not explained anywhere else, neither in my education nor in my Christian upbringing. I begin to get a taste of my true nature. It is the Self, I’m told. Regardless of what it is called, it sustains me through the good and the bad of life. It anchors me and supports my journey. When the programme is over, I begin to feel a sense of loss and can’t wait for the next program. The articles and recordings from Swamiji keep me in the flow.

Swami Enlightenment in the Midst of Life“Because I am not able to be with Swamiji in person, the distance learning approach serves me well. I read her articles, listen to her recordings and participate in the conference call discussions with other yogis. This gives me access to the teachings that are the gift Swamiji gives of her Self. The vastness of her knowledge and the truth that she shares so freely is amazing. She opens the portal to the mysteries of life, and allows me access to my true nature. I see the bigger picture. Because she is so thoroughly knowledgeable of the ancient teachings, I don’t need to look anywhere else. She educates me and opens doors that I can easily walk through to uncover what is just a breath away.”

Enlightenment in the Midst of Life, Swamiji’s 2018 Year-Long Programme, begins soon.  Click here to register for the Free Intro Call on February 28th.

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