DIY Weekends

jyoti-judith-kenney.jpgBy Jyoti Kenney

I still look at DIY and think home projects, even after taking three Ashram DIYs in 2017.  I am currently putting together DIY bookshelves with doors and think back to all my home “do it yourself” projects.  Some I viewed as an adventure; others were a struggle.  My new IKEA bookshelves are supposed to be easy.  In some ways they are, with clear directions and the promise of improving my living space.  Yet I’m struggling to complete this project.  What makes it such a struggle?  The absence of Grace comes to mind.  I am working on this project and thinking “chore.”

idea bookshelf assemblyAshram “Deepen It Yourself” weekends are DIY with Grace.  It occurs to me that were I to begin approaching my current bookshelf project from a place of “capital-S Self” rather than “small-s self,” the project would be easy, even with challenging individual steps.

empty bookshelf

Blogging now about my Ashram DIY experience is a blessing, as it reminds me how I forget to allow Grace into my everyday life.  Simply repeating mantra instantly brings me into Self.  Then the chore of bookshelf assembly becomes filled with Grace.


My experiences in the DIYs were filled with community, collaboration, connection and a deepening commitment to my own yoga practice.  I learned from my own experience as well as from observing the experience of others in the group.

Lunge YogaI still remember and use a tweak Swamiji suggested for Lunge that profoundly changed the pose for me.  And I particularly appreciate the take home set of poses we were given.  Each of my three DIY programs gave me an ease-filled way to continue deep experiences in my personal practice.

Perhaps best of all, DIY was fun!  The schedule, while full, was relaxed in a way that Teacher Trainings are not.  There was an ease to the group and its way of being.  Moment-by-moment, my retreat experience was filled with Grace and transformation.  Whatever your current approach to DIY projects, do yourself/Self a favor and experience our Ashram DIY Weekends – to deepen it yourself.  This year I will be there again and look forward to seeing you too.

1 thought on “DIY Weekends

  1. bliss3630

    This is lovely in regard to the benefit and openings one receives when immersing in a DIY. Gentle reminders for our daily Self, to keep aware and bring these teachings closer to our inside. Thank you.


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