Re-Energize Your Boring Life!

Chiti - Blog 3By Chiti Aion

Get up, quick breakfast, go to work, dinner, Netflix? Then repeat.  The day-to-day routine can get tired after a while, not to mention stressful.  I remember this feeling during my first year as an elementary school teacher.

Not only was every day repetitive, I was still completing my graduate degree.  My routine was getting up, grabbing a quick breakfast, getting to work by 7 am, working through lunch and dinner, getting home at 9 pm, getting to sleep — and repeat.  I needed something to maintain this schedule and to revive my enthusiasm for life.  That was when I started Svaroopa® yoga.

Chiti 4To fit the yoga poses into my morning routine, I got up earlier.  The effects were immediate.  Even though I was getting less sleep, I had more energy throughout the entire day! Instead of dragging myself through the day, I had pep in my step.  I was doing the same things I always did, but everything had changed.  I knew it was because of the yoga.

The difference was coming from the inside.  I was already filled with joy, so everything I did reflected that state.  My coworkers commented that I always had a smile on my face.  Hugs and “you’re the best teacher ever” letters from my students were at an all-time high.

Chiti - AdjustmentWhen I realized what I was getting from Svaroopa® yoga, I knew I had to share it with others.  I started by creating a yoga program for fellow teachers at my elementary school.  They too were amazed by feeling both calm and energized after class.  The effects of one class would carry them through the week, feeling more alive, focused and refreshed.

I look forward to offering you the same experience — and more — in our upcoming 6-week series: “Re-Energize Your Boring Life!” Click here to register.

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