My Favorite Pose

Dasi (Valerie) Light Trautlein 2By Dasi Light Trautlein

Though I’m just writing about Ardha Chandrasana, I can feel my body remembering its benefits. I practice this wonderful pose almost every morning. My body craves it. My tailbone lengthens. My crown feels more open. Everything in between is longer, softer and wider. Vitality radiates from my whole body as Kundalini climbs my spine, and spreads through my whole body, mind and more.

My morning practice begins with meditation, chant and Ujjayi Pranayama. Then I do a Svaroopa® yoga spinal release sequence. Voilà! My body is ready for the deep upliftment that comes from Ardha Chandrasana, a multilayered standing pose. First I do the two essential-before poses, Tadasana and Hasta Padasana, in order to guarantee the benefits.

Standing in Tadasana gives me a grounded flow of awareness. Drawing my navel in towards my spine activates my abdominals. This helps my whole spine get another release. Then I’ll often feel Kundalini climb my spine and clear away blockages. Little snaps, crackles and pops zip from my lower spine to my upper spine.

180925 SVA Blog - Dasi - Ardha ChandrasanaWith my arms up, Hasta Padasana draws the prana up my spine, widening its flow. As I settle into the pose, I remember that asana actually means “to sit.” I feel like I’m sitting in a river; it courses up my spine to the crown of my head and out the top.

Then I’m ready for the jewel: Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose). Leaning my weight into one foot, I lengthen that arm upwards — WOWZA! That whole side comes alive and releases from tail to top. Any left-over spots of spinal tension adjust and melt. The other side happens so naturally and effortlessly.

My mind quiets. I can feel length, more space for breathing and clear calm thinking. I stand in Being. Alive and ready to live, my whole body vibrates with Consciousness.
I start the day joyful and revitalized. Calm, clear grounding keeps me close to my Self. I’ve always known deep inside that I could feel this way. Ahh… now I get to not just feel this way but also live this way. What a blessing. Thank you Swamiji.


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