Make a Promise

Devananda KingBy Devananda (David) King
Ashram Vice President

Those words from childhood ring in my ears.  In those days I was asked to make a promise when, it was presumed, I would not do something of my own accord.  I was told, “If you promise to clean your room, I will take you for ice cream.”  Or it was said, “If you promise to do your homework, you can watch TV.”  Thus, I understood that a promise is a binding contract.  I felt a promise was coercion.  It meant doing something I didn’t want to do, just to get a payoff (usually of lesser pain).  I resisted such pressure and did not make promises.

2018 Make a Promise Fundraising LogoThis has all changed since I’ve been participating in the Svaroopa® yoga community.  For me, here and now, the meaning of “promise” has transformed into the acknowledgement of the “pure potential” that exists when you set an intention.  My own intention to do my practice, meditate, repeat mantra and follow yogic precepts results in gaining the benefit of the promise of the Svaroopa® Sciences.  This promise is not coercion or manipulation.  This promise is a guarantee of what can be achieved:  finding and experiencing the Divine within myself and every individual human being.

When you make a promise to support the Ashram and the teachings of our Sadguru, you set the intention to improve the world.  You step forward on your path as you engage in the ancient yogic practice of dakshina, beautifully defined on our donation webpage:

Unconditional giving, motivated by a pure inner impulse and dedicated to a higher purpose.  You give from gratitude and love for your yoga, whatever the size or type of your donation.  Nothing is gained, except your own Self.  Through dakshina, you weave your yoga into your wallet!

Your dakshina has an impact on us all.  Monthly pledges are the backbone of the Ashram’s ability to offer all the Svaroopa® Sciences.  This includes our freebies, retreats, teacher trainings — and more.  Monthly pledges are essential in supporting Swami Nirmalananda’s work as she shares the ancient teachings with all in our community and with seekers beyond.

Swami Birthday 1Our beloved Guru’s birthday, November 15th, is a most auspicious start to the upcoming holiday season of gratitude and gift-giving.  I would like to make this birthday special.  I invite you to join me in supporting the Ashram in any way that fits your budget.  Can you increase your monthly donation by $10?  If each current monthly donor does so, our Ashram support increases by $18,000.  Or perhaps it is time to commit to a monthly pledge.  Or you may want to make a one-time donation.

Whatever your choice, give from your heart.  Give because your act of generosity fills you up, from the inside out.  Give and be filled with the Grace of our yogic tradition.  This promise carries the divine guarantee.  Click here to donate.

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