The Year Ahead

By Gurupremananda Cattafi, SVA Board President

As a Svaroopa® yoga and meditation community, we enter the New Year ready for divine experiences.  What Sadguru Swami Nirmalananda has planned will propel us to “Breakthrough!” and move forward in “Leaps and Bounds.” 

Certainly, 2018 prepared Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram for expansion, with the installation of Nataraja and a crystal Lingam (Mallikarjuna) in our gardens. These ceremonies, conducted by Santosh Mudgal, reverberated throughout the worldwide Svaroopa® community.  They prompted the new name for one of our buildings, ShivaLoka, meaning the abode of Shiva.   Extensive renovations in both buildings have upgraded our interior space as well.  Most importantly, Swamiji stepped into the role of Sadguru, honored with this title by the Brahmins of Ganeshpuri.  Shaktipat masters are honored with this title, with only a handful of such Gurus worldwide.

Wow! We are prepared for a great New Year!   Many Svaroopis are immersed in the Ashram retreat with Sadguru Nirmalananda on this New Year’s Day.  What you do on New Year’s Day sets the tone of your whole year.  

Swamiji is setting the tone for the year with the titles she’s given us:

  • Breakthrough! is our January Conference in Boston with both a meditation and an asana (poses) track.  Post-conference workshops are available as well.  We hope to see you there.
  • Leaps and Bounds is Swamiji’s promise for 2019,especially if you join in her Year Long Programme this year.  Choose your level or participation in her articles, audio discourses, group phone calls and an autumn retreat.  Whatever your choice, it is always deep and always essential, providing lots of growth. Check it out with the Free Intro Call on February 24.

Breakthrough, with leaps and bounds — I have no doubt! With love and gratitude, I wish you an Enlightened New Year.

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