More Than One-Per-Second

By Annie (Aanandi) Ross

Being driven to my dentist, I was feeling anxious.  A filling had fallen out of a tooth.  I didn’t know whether it could be repaired or whether it would be extracted.  I had just read Sadguru Swami Nirmalananda’s March Teachings: Elevate Your State.  I needed to elevate my state, so I took her “quick fix challenge”:

Your quick fix for the month is to do two minutes of mantra repetition.  Stop whatever you are doing and apply your mind to mantra.  Watch the clock. See if you can repeat more mantras than one-per-second!

I closed my eyes and started repeating mantra out loud, very fast — very, very fast.  Well, I never thought of going so fast.  I began to feel a sensation.  My chest vibrated, both in the front and in the back.  Inside, I felt joy, bliss, delight and laughter well up.  I knew I was the one All-Beingness.  I was both the One-All, and the One being me, in my individual form, simultaneously.  It was ecstatic.

This elevated state reminded me of a similar experience the day before.  I had visited a beautiful Hindu Temple, tucked away in a small corner room of a Dartmouth College chapel.  I go there sometimes to share in their nightly evening puja.  On the evening of March 4th, I had attended their Maha Shivaratri Puja.  During it, abhishek (a holy bath) was performed for Shiva. 

For the congregation, worshiping — in ways our Sadguru teaches us — is second nature.  Their chanting was continuous.  In this sacred space, fragrances were intoxicating.  Many candles blazed.  Near the end, bells rang and rang, from the front and back of the room.  The ringing vibrated in my ears, on and on.  I felt vibration in my chest.  I felt that everything was All One, and being all, at the same time.  I felt the vibration of Beingness.

The Maha Shivaratri Puja elevated my state.  So did my two-minute, fast repetition of the mantra I have received from Sadguru Nirmalananda.  I experienced what she describes in her March Teachings:

All-Beingness becomes pure vibration, which splinters itself into many individual vibrations.  These vibrations are mantras…

To know the “more” that you already are… you need an enlivened mantra, one passed down through the generations of yoga Masters.  Such a mantra gives you your “capital-S Self,” the experiential knowing of your own Divinity. In delight, I understand experientially.  Thank you, Swamiji.

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