Svaroopa® Foundations

By Deb (Sarmani) Beutel

Take me again to Downingtown to see,

If I can learn to love me just for me.

To breathe and to pose, both inward and out,

It’s not what you say or you think or you shout.

It’s deeper within, a place you will find,

If you breathe and you pose, and you quiet your mind.

Bring it all up and out it shall go;

Tears may start flowing but then you will know;

The pain and the stuff all frozen within,

will soften and melt, and let you back in.

Yoga with new friends, slowing the time,

Do this a lot and you will be fine!

Leave all the stress and traffic and more.

Enter the Ashram and life’s not such a chore.

I love Svaroopa® yoga, it gives me such peace,

I want to come back and gain a new lease,

On the true meaning of life and the changes I seek,

A fresh new perspective on how to release,

And the path to samadhi, just give me a peek.

Kamala & Chiti, the best teachers and guides,

Embrace the teachings to soften your ride.

Life can be crazy full of busyness and haste,

But, if you choose wisely, yours won’t be a waste!

Swami is so peaceful and the epitome of grace

Listening and watching her, to slow down your pace.

Meditation and chanting slows the breathing and mind,

Calmer you will be, and peace you will finally find.

I slept through the night for the first time in years,

I finally let it all go through the poses and tears!

Listen and learn and do your asanas,

And life will be good and you won’t notice the piranhas.

Practice you must, home or away,

and ensure you complete the Magic Four every day.

Practice your breathing, your Uijayi Pranayama;

Then let go you can of past pain and the trauma.

Bring back the joy and peace you will find,

Do Svaroopa® yoga and the world will be kind!

Originally from Southern California, Deb Beutel is retired from the Marine Corps after more than 20 years of service.  Trained in several other yoga styles, Deb is a recent graduate of the Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga course.  Her experience of Foundations inspired this poem.  For more on her personal yoga journey, see her Yoga Alliance biography.

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