The Power of Shaktipat

By Lisha Reynolds, interviewed by Lori (Priya) Kenney

“I wanted to do more of the Svaroopa® Sciences practices to shine the light inward,” shares Lisha Reynolds, “to take me back to Self every single time.  When I’m doing the practices, I don’t need to look outside to be happy or fulfilled.”  That she wanted to deepen her practices became clear to Lisha after YTT Level 3 and receiving a vichara (guided self-inquiry) session.  Going to a Shaktipat Retreat with Sadguru Swami Nirmalananda was the next step in her process. 

Her Shaktipat experiences were profound.  Having received Shaktipat in YTT Level 2, she understood more of what was happening. “I was peacefully settling into my Self much deeper.  During the first Shaktipat, I experienced heat going up my spine, tail to top, up through my crown.  While meditating during the third Shaktipat, a smile came to my face spontaneously.  It was very sweet.  I came away wanting to deepen my relationship with my Guru.  Wanting to be closer to Swamiji and the teachings of this lineage is happening organically.  It’s so beautiful.  Being in her presence is transformative.”

To deepen her relationship with her Guru, Lisha uses the quick fix described in Swamiji’s July 2019 Teachings: Think of a Great Being.  “I have photos of Swami in my mobile phone holder, in my car and on my desk.  It’s powerful to have her presence with me all the time,” describes Lisha.

Grace sometimes works in mysterious ways.  In late July, Lisha had two injuries in two different locations, just a few hours apart.  “The Grace is that it’s helping me to slow down,” says Lisha.  “I wanted to do that anyway.”  Her injuries require a hiatus from teaching Svaroopa® yoga until she heals.  Yet she is not surprised at how things work. She is definitely slowed down! Lisha realizes that going deeper will also transform her teaching.  “To truly give the gift of Grace to your students, you must be even more deeply steeped in the teachings and Grace.  A Shaktipat Retreat takes you there. It opens you up to going deeper.  Meditation is where the magic happens.  You must do it.  Your students will benefit.”

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