Time for Yogic Bliss

By Annie (Aanandi) Ross

During this pandemic, all of us are experiencing “quiet time.”  It reminds me of a really long snow day, or of the wonderful feeling I have on Christmas morning when everything seems to come to a stop.  With no traffic outside, serene quiet settles upon the earth.  Now this quiet time is even more universal, cutting across religions, affecting communities near and far.  Even the days are rolling into one another, offering an experience of near timelessness. 

In Pathways to Bliss, Gurudevi says, “The bliss is inside, but you’ve been looking outside. Thus, having your usual haunts be closed right now is beneficial.”

My meditations are easy and deep.  It’s as though the whole earth is supporting and holding a timeout for going deeper within.  I am so grateful for this quieter time to rest, reorganize, shake out the rugs, and decide what’s most important.  I offer japa (mantra repetition) for the healing of the world, feel gratitude, and do more yoga! 

Gurudevi continues, “…in the time you’ll be spending at home, you could learn a new language or to play a musical instrument. Or you could do more yoga, even with online classes and programs. You choose. While learning something new broadens your mind, yoga expands your bliss.”

What a gift is this time to dive deeper!  It turns out to be an unexpected pathway to bliss.  Except for life-sustaining errands such as food shopping, there’s nowhere we can go.  Instead, we can redirect our seeking inside.  It turns out that being home-bound is the “trailhead” for trekking inward to bliss. 

2 thoughts on “Time for Yogic Bliss

  1. Nathalie A.

    Thank you for writing this refreshing article. After taking the online yoga + meditation class yesterday, I went to the Dollar Store and a man tried to flirt with me by saying: “Oh, it’s you! I would not have recognized you without your mask”. :-))

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