Your Own Self

By Andrea (Padmakshi) Wasserman

Even though you are an individual, your Essence is Divine.  You are Consciousness-Itself.  Consciousness is described by many terms: your capital-S Self, awareness, the Ever-Existent Supreme Reality and bliss.  You are so much more than you think you are!

You have a deeper dimension, which you can explore and know.  It is the goal of yoga to give you this experience.  Then you realize this expansive Reality within yourself.  This Ultimate Reality is within everyone and everything that exists, including you and me.  Yoga calls this your own Self.

Consciousness, your deeper dimension inside, is always present.  Your own Self never changes, and you can always find it within.  You just may not know this completely — yet!  I have had experiences of that vastness inside myself.  Perhaps you have as well.

Many years ago, I used sail in the tropical oceans.  The wind in my hair, the ocean’s fragrance, and the soft breezes were enticing.  But the best part was when the sailboat was headed downwind.  The wind behind the boat filled the sails, and they opened wide.  I would climb up and sit in the sail.  Leaning back, I dangled my feet, while sun drenched my body.  The feeling I had was of complete freedom, ease and peace.

These experiences give you a glimpse of the deeper dimensions of your own being.  When you truly know your capital-S Self, you will live in that pure state of awareness.  You will have unbounded freedom.  You can access this freedom, bliss and your own Divine Essence through meditation.  Pain and fear keep you away from your Self.  Meditation frees you from those blockages.  It will open you to inner happiness, joy and peace. When you look inside through meditation, you quiet your mind.  You gain the freedom of knowing your Self more and more.  You recognize who you really are and always have been.  Meditation will give you your Self, Consciousness-Itself, completely free!

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