Yoga Blessings to the World

By Ruth (Rama) Brooke

Lucky for us, we are yogis.  Luckier still, we are Svaroopa® yogis!  While all yoga is good, the Svaroopa® Sciences offer easy access to that mystical more — the Self.  Whether through poses, breathing or meditation, Svaroopis slip into an experience of the Self, effortlessly. This is a hallmark of this Shaktipat Yoga. 

You likely have familiar words to describe your intimate experience of the Self.  Words like inner knowingness, divinity, essence, beingness, bliss, expansiveness, and upward welling love and joy come to mind.  Just writing these words triggers an experience for me.  And then another quality of the Self arises — gratitude — an immense and overwhelming sense of gratitude. 

To express my gratitude, I participate in our Ashram fundraisers through financial contributions.  I ask you to do the same.  I ask with confidence and without hesitation.  Why?  Because I know the power of the yogic practice of dakshina (financial support for upliftment).

Dakshina initiates a divine cycle of giving and receiving.  They merge in the Self and become indistinguishable.  I know many Svaroopa® yogis who practice and benefit from dakshina.  Our community is naturally generous.  Nearly one quarter of our budget is funded by contributions.  Again and again, I am filled with gratitude and with the inspiration to do more.

Below are multiple opportunities for directing a gift to the Ashram.  You can:

Light the way. Support outreach and technology. 

Open the door to deep teachings for so many via Zoom, Podbean, YouTube and social media.

Maintain the “Miracle Factory.” Support teacher trainings. 

Trainings include Teaching Svaroopa® Yoga Online, Teaching Online Therapeutics, Leading Satsangs Online and the new Therapeutic Yoga Series.

Give More Blessings to the WorldSupport our extensive free teachings.  

This includes online access to Japa Club, podcasts, articles, Satsang Gems and more.

All these causes are important.  They enable Gurudevi and our five other swamis to reach directly into hearts and homes.  They can thus touch more souls than ever before.

As Svaroopa® yogis, we are so blessed.  Help extend these blessings further out into the world.  Join in the dakshina cycle with whatever amount works for you and your budget.  Yoga is a warrior tradition.  Take action.  Do more yoga!

You can donate on our website and on Facebook.  You can call us at (610) 644-7555.  Or you can send your check to Svaroopa Vidya Ashram, 116 E. Lancaster Ave., Downingtown, PA 19335.

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