Grateful for Grace

By Marlene (Matrikaa) Gast

Lucky for me, I’m a Svaroopa® yogi.  Even more, I’ve had the great good fortune of residing at the Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram since July 2019.  During the pandemic, I’ve been living in a most blessed place.  I say this not because I’ve been safe from contagion, though I have.  I say this because I’ve witnessed the Ashram’s yogic miracles. 

Within 10 days of 2020 pandemic lockdown, the Ashram was offering yoga online.  Swami Nirmalananda, whom we call Gurudevi, was Zooming the blessings of yoga and meditation into homes worldwide.  I have seen how tirelessly Gurudevi and our five other swamis serve the world.  And I’ve been privy to the blessings received by community members and other seekers globally.  As another Svaroopa® yogi put it, “The Ashram and Gurudevi are important to people in this yoga community.  And she is important to people who haven’t yet met her.”

Please join me in donating as generously as possible to this spiritual organization.  I am contributing financially to this not-for-profit organization to support its worldwide work.  During an unprecedented catastrophe, the Ashram has given its all, 24/7 for more than 365 days.

Practicing since 2005, I’ve experienced the Grace flowing through Svaroopa® yoga.  Sciatica and digestive issues have healed.  Gurudevi’s teachings have evoked spiritual illumination from layers of shadow where I long lived.  In gratitude for this transformation, I’ve been a longtime donor.  This year, however, I am donating in gratitude for how Gurudevi’s Grace-full teachings have benefitted the world.

You can be sure that every bit of your financial gift will go to supporting the Ashram’s work.  It’s been essential over the past year.  As we move into another “new normal,” the Ashram’s work continues to be crucial.

Participants in the free online Japa Club have reported that repeating mantra with Gurudevi has been a lifeline.  Amidst isolation, dramatic uncertainty, and fear of death worldwide, Japa Club members opened to divine peace and calm, inside.  Moreover, Gurudevi leads participants in offering blessings to everyone in the world affected by the pandemic. 

Plus, Gurudevi created the online Meditation Club, online yoga classes, Zoomed healing sessions, meditation and chanting retreats, a philosophy discussion group, her Sunday Satsang subscription program, and training for teachers in how to Zoom their own classes. 

Yogis far and wide have benefitted profoundly from these offerings :

I live alone and far from any other Svaroopa® yoga teachers, classes or communities.  Once the magnitude of this pandemic became apparent, I realized that I really needed to “up my game” in terms of my own practices — more asana, more meditation, more japa.  The Meditation Club is helping me “up my game.”  Grace flows even stronger whenever we meditate together, even over the phone.  At the end of the meditation, we repeat mantra together, offering the benefits of mantra to all those who have been affected by this pandemic.  For me, that offering is going to the whole world.” — Caroline K.

What Gurudevi has done in this pandemic to create online ways to deliver her Grace-full teachings has been a lifesaver.” — Barbara A.

With my legs re-aligned in my hip sockets, I feel supported and upright, whether sitting or standing.  It’s a feeling of being grounded and expanded at the same time.” — Leonora T.

My left leg [seriously weakened by abdominal surgery] now functions normally.” — Marianne S.

Reading these expressions of gratitude, please reflect on how the Ashram has supported you.  Giving back in gratitude for what you receive is the ancient yoga practice of dakshina.  There are three ways you can direct your financial gift:

Light the Way, supporting outreach and technology.

Maintain the Miracle Factory, supporting teacher training.

Give Blessings to the World, supporting our free programs.

You can donate on our website or on Facebook.  You can call us at (610) 644-7555.  Or you can send your check to Svaroopa Vidya Ashram, 116 E. Lancaster Ave., Downingtown, PA 19335. Thank You!

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