You’ve Changed!

By Satguru Swami Nirmalananda

Your experiences in the last year have changed you.  Whether you’d planned it or not, you were thrust into a hermetic lifestyle, like a hermit.  A quieter lifestyle is supposed to give you a more peaceful mind, right?  That’s why people move into a cabin in the woods or a mountain hideaway.  You did it where you live.  But what did you do?

While nothing much was happening on the outside, you were changing on the inside.  It reminds me of when my kids grew so much in the summers, but day by day it wasn’t noticeable.  Not until they tried on their school clothes from two months earlier.  Wow, what a difference!

Has the same happened for you?  You may not even know until you get back to the things you used to do.  We call it a “Marker Pose.”  In a Svaroopa® yoga class, you do a pose for self-assessment at the beginning of class.  After the series of spinal release poses that track from your tailbone up through your neck and head, you repeat the same pose.  This Marker Pose makes you able to say, “Wow, what a difference!”  That’s the power of spinal release, aka spinal decompression.

It’s an inner change, technically an inner opening.  You have more breathing space, more space for your organs, and it even feels like you have more space to live in.  It’s about getting present, actually living in your body.  That makes it easy to find out who you are — who is it that is living in your body?   That’s the whole point:  you discover a deeper dimension of your own Self.

Has the pandemic helped you with this?  Do you feel more like you? If not, now is the time to do more yoga.

1 thought on “You’ve Changed!

  1. Babhru

    Felt like being in soft care imprisonment, still not over yet.
    Hard to really Being while been stripped of many venues for self-expression. I put it small “s” but it’s artificial devision as far as I can see it There and here is only one Self.
    We are who do dividing ourselves and everything else by putting all kind of names on, making all sorts of categories, putting rules and restrictions on ourselves and onto others. This is insane self-dividing world. Were we can see union in this world except in meditation, maybe?!?
    No, this mandatory imprisonment didn’t make me feel better. What it did, it made me feel small, when it put big brakes on the society, creating many kinds of depressions from soft to insane. What it did it showed me what kind of socialism it’s up here (read – authoritarianism, when governments exercise their absolute powers). What is the difference between being a real slave or delusional slave?
    No, I don’t agree dear Gurudevi. This chaos is far from being over. I have really hard time to embrace (Yoga) this increasingly insane world. Nothing really wrong with people, nothing really wrong with governments, nothing really wrong with environment, ONLY if you don’t want to SEE IT, and especially if they don’t want to see it.
    So, what to do?
    I know, do more yoga will be the answer.
    Namaste everyone.


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