Gurudevi Shares:  Telecourse 

By Gurudevi Nirmalananda  

Like a pizza shop, we deliver.  Our new Telecourses are designed to meet you where you live, right at home.  When the pandemic began, I contemplated the best way to serve those seeking enlightenment.  The inner answer that arose was delightfully startling, “Use any means necessary.”   

How liberating!  I’d been using yoga’s traditional teaching methodology, which is a well-developed tradition spanning thousands of years.  Leaning into those ancient roots, I created trainings and residential programs.  I also offered my Year-Long Programme for over 10 years, a type of correspondence course.  Now the methodology has become — whatever works!  

Yet the teachings have not changed.  Human nature is still Divine, with the human condition limited and too often painful.  Yoga shines light on the inner pathway that frees you from limitation and pain.  Beyond the healing power of the poses, the teachings are illuminating.  The meditative processes open up an inner dimensionality that enlivens your whole being. 

Therefore, I redesigned last year’s Year-Long Programme, incorporating more video as well as online connectivity.  That is now one of our Telecourses, so it’s not time-limited.  It is available anytime, and you can move through it at your own pace. 

Now I’m bringing out one of the most important themes I’ve offered so far: 

Enlightenment: Stages & Steps 

This course helps you recognize the stages you’ve been through already, as well as the process you’re in now.  The pathway to enlightenment is well mapped, but it’s mostly hidden in secret teachings and arcane terminology.  Based in the texts, I describe the landmarks along the way as well as how to navigate the tricky parts.  Along with the sutras and oral tradition, the teachings are enlivened by the personal stories I include. 

All of it is designed to speed you along your way.  The reason the yogic sages shared these profound teachings is to make it easier for those who follow.  I benefitted from close study with a Master who gave it all.  I walk in his footsteps, like following an experienced trail guide up a mountain path.  I invite you to join me in this Divine Quest. 

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