Divine Story Time for Yogis

By Lissa (Yogyananda) Fountain, Yogaratna

We’ve got a new Podbean channel! You can now listen to audios of our Yoga Mysticism blog series “Traditional Tales.” Access them on our on our new Podbean channel, “Traditional Tales”.

These ancient tales are unfamiliar and different for me. I hear references to them and want to understand them better.  I’m excited to learn more details! – Andrea (Abhati) Wade. 

On Podbean, we already had two Ashram channels:  

Now we have a third one:

  • Traditional Tales — Nirooshitha Sethuram has been writing these stories for us for almost 5 years. Now she and a team of yogis are making them into podcasts.

Swami Samvidaananda explains,

Our original two Podbean channels deliver over 300 recorded treasures.  Our new Podbean channel presents the Traditional Tales in both Tamil and English.  Nirooshitha Sethuram has shared these stories with us in our YogaMysticism.Today blogsite, and has recorded them in her mother tongue.  Several sevites are working together to provide the audios in English. These stories speak to both the mythical and mystical.

We take in this information differently when we hear it.  These tales were traditionally handed down orally.  When you listen, they come to life in a whole new way.  They seep in.  They soak into where we are most thirsty and hungry.

Gurudevi has interwoven these stories into her talks for decades.  Yet before she finished, many of us would drop in to deep meditation!  Now you can listen, again and again, at your leisure.  Relax back and let this be a divine story time just for you.  Avail yourself of the timeless lessons that these ancient tales provide for today.  As you pay even closer attention, you may find your own story reflected as well.

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