Chant the Guru Gita in Your Home! 

By Amanda (Purna) Schmidt 

Bring a daily Ashram practice to your home with the Honored Guru Gita CD.  Daily chanting of this essential text steeps you in Grace.  Gurudevi’s guidance makes this practice accessible and joyful.  The melody helps you find the rhythm of your breath and the Sanskrit words. 

Free verse-by-verse pronunciation lessons are available online.  In addition, all copies of the CD ordered in July come with a BONUS.  You will receive a handout of the text, which includes Gurudevi’s English translation.  You will be chanting the entire text in no time!  Bring Honored Guru Gita into your home practice, and let Grace carry you deeper. Price: $19.95  

CD Tracks 

1. OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah 

2. Om Guru Mere Guru, Jaya Guru Om 

3. Guru Padukaa-Panchakam 

4. Shree Guru Geeta 

5. Shree Krishna Govinda 

6. Universal Prayer 

7. Jaya Jaya Aratee Nityanaanada 

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