Teaching Yoga

By Gurudevi Nirmalananda 

When you learn to teach others, you learn more deeply.  Why does this happen?  It’s because you care about helping other people, so you put more of yourself into your learning.  When you put more of yourself in, you get more out of what you do.  It’s true of everything in life and it works the same way in yoga.  But what you get from yoga is more of your Self.  By giving, you receive.

In Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), we make sure you know how to handle different kinds of bodies as well as different kinds of minds.  When you put your new tools to work, and you really see how yoga works, you become ever more inspired.  You truly can make a change in peoples’ lives.

I love watching new teachers transform.  After your very first training, you begin teaching right away.  Of course, when you do something a few times, you get better at it.  The real surprise comes when you realize your own students are inspiring you.  

They sleep better.  They stand taller, walk stronger and breathe more deeply.  They are less fazed by life’s surprises and more able to find answers that work.  I remember the first time a student said to me, “My back doesn’t hurt anymore.  I can pick up my grandchildren again.”  She was delighted!  So was I!

I decided to focus on teaching teachers over 30 years ago.  I could see that the world needed more of what yoga offers even back then.  It’s true now, too.  I’ve trained over 3,000 teachers, from the beginning to advanced levels.  When they share what they know, we are working together to transform and uplift the world.

Do you want to become a yoga teacher?  Now is the time…

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