Living from a Deeper Place 

By Nansi Jo (Anasuya) Colley, interviewed by Lori (Priya) Kenney

Meditation Teacher Training (MTT) took me to the heart of Kashmir Shaivism’s tried and true teachings.  Knowing that our lineage has carried these teachings through thousands of years means a lot to me.  Through time, the technology and methodology have been perfected, with the Masters adding their blessings.  And Gurudevi makes these esoteric teachings so easy to understand. 

Each time I take a MTT course, I return home living my life from a deeper place.  I experience more glimpses of the ultimate state, the deepest level of my existence.  I meditate more.  I make different choices.  For instance, knowing I can’t use my mind to disentangle my mind, I choose to repeat mantra.  I choose mantra while driving, while doing dishes.  I don’t get caught up so easily in the rollercoaster of ups and downs.  I’m more even keeled.  

For much of my life, I’ve served as a scientist and professor.  Thus, I greatly appreciate the scientific approach to yoga and meditation in which Svaroopa® yoga excels.  What drew me to Svaroopa® yoga is the science of maximizing my human capacity, knowing my Self.  The clarity and integrity of the teachings has propelled me through 30 years of yoga practices and teaching.  I took Gurudevi’s first MTT in 2003.  I have been blessed to be able to attend trainings regularly since.

Being able to serve my students as a meditation teacher is deeply meaningful to me.  Each time I take a MTT course, I return to my students with even more clarity and inspiration.  I understand the teachings at a deeper level and can convey that in my discourses.  The students go deep and have profound experiences in a short period of time.  They consistently report that the mantra supports them in their daily lives.  

This course gives me an opportunity to spend an intensive period of time with Gurudevi.  It’s a deep immersion in Grace.  On top of that, while deep in Consciousness, I am intellectually involved.  It’s an incredible tantric opportunity.  My mind has to be alert and engaged.  In the course, first I listen to Gurudevi’s discourse on the sutras.  Then I write my own discourse and give it to my classmates.  They give me feedback, with compliments and coaching.  Listening to their discourses, I offer the same.  

I’ve developed a capacity to write, present talks and listen to others while in a deep state.  It truly feels like skill in action.  Not only do I have Gurudevi’s support for teaching meditation, I have the support of my classmates.  I am deeply grateful to the teachers who have gone through MTT with me.  Their coaching and compliments give me confidence.  I feel deeply supported in a tangible and powerful way when I’m teaching.  It’s the flow of Grace.  

I have immense gratitude that Gurudevi makes these powerful teachings accessible.  She has developed a tremendous curriculum that teaches us how to teach others to meditate.  Gurudevi offers a deep well to drink from.

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