Trusting Shaktipat

By Samantha (Sarveshi) Glazier 

Interviewed by Lori (Priya) Kenney  

I’m not one who has flashy Shaktipat experiences.  At the September Shaktipat Retreat, Swami Prajňananda explained the ways you might experience Kundalini.  She talked about heat, colors and more.  For me, in receiving Shaktipat, I feel steady, content, secure — right where I want to be.  Gurudevi has said that even though Muktananda was very visual, she didn’t often experience colors.  It’s reassuring. 

I’ve done a lot of yoga and heard a lot of Gurudevi’s Swami Sunday talks.  Shaktipat has been written about for thousands of years.  I find a lot of comfort in all the preparation we go through before Shaktipat.  Knowing other yogis have been through similar preparation is reassuring.  We’re part of a long history and tradition.  With the chanting, talks and all, I felt very well-prepared in my recent Shaktipat Retreat.  I could lean into Shaktipat.  I knew — I’m safe, whatever I’m experiencing.  I’m in the presence of the Guru and the Guru she had. 

At the end of the retreat’s second day, I returned to the dorm room I shared with some other women.  We sat around and talked about Shaktipat.  It was lovely to have people that I barely knew being so open about these unusual experiences.  Who else can you talk to about Shaktipat?  I felt very connected to them even though I had met some of them only 24 hours earlier.  In our conversation, it was so easy to see the Self in all of them. 

My Shaktipat experiences continue.  Things are happening in unexpected ways.  Svaroopa® yoga is all about the tailbone.  The week I came back from Shaktipat, there was an undeniable sensation in the region of my tailbone.  After returning home, I taught a couple asana classes.  My students seemed to feel something too.  A high percentage reached out afterwards and said how deep the class was.  I had even made a joke before leaving for Shaktipat.  I’d told them that since I wasn’t doing a training, I wouldn’t be bringing anything back for them.  One longtime student said she felt she could really let go in class.  Previously, she has had a hard time letting go.  My only explanation is that it was the Shaktipat. 

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