Loving the Light by Swami Nirmalananda

289I’m loving the light and the dark more this year, somehow.  I am enjoying the early fall of darkness and the chill that makes me want to tuck more deeply into the layers.  Especially I delight in the glitter of holiday lights piercing the darkness.  It’s and outside-inside sort of thing — it is the work I’ve dedicated my life to, piercing the darkness.  It’s why I do yoga.

I remember a small “Siva temple that I visited in an historic city of north India, with thick stone walls and giant hallways that armies could march through.  The inside of this stone temple was 5 feet square, with hollows worn in the stone where you stand to do your candle ceremony (BYOC — bring your own candle).

deepa candle flame baganajagat-comThe small room was very dark as I placed my feet where thousands had before me, placed my heart in my hand (because I had no candle), to do the traditional ceremony, reinstalling my heart in my chest when finished.  In that space of 90 seconds, I stood in timelessness, the eternality of “Siva, which is the Reality of your own Self.  The dark had disappeared.  Even though I’d had no candle, everything was light.

These are precious and holy days, these short days at the end of our calendar year.  Especially with family, you do deep work in these times:  the work of loving and the work of living in the truth of who you are.  Whether you have a candle flame to use or not, you can honor the light in each of your beloveds, and even in those you have difficulty with — the light is there.  Even when they cannot see their own light, you are a yogi; you can see it in everyone.  You can see it everywhere.

Do more yoga!

OM svaroopa svasvabhava.h namo nama.h

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