Who Gives? Who Receives? by Kanchan Mohn

Kanchan Mohn

Kanchan Mohn

As a member of the Svaroopa® community, as a practicing yogi, you are always connected to the Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram (SVA)…your ashram…the epicenter of the Svaroopa® community. And you are always held in a deep heartfelt embrace by your Master Teacher, our Beloved Guru, Swamiji, and her precious lineage.

You have all felt this embrace or you wouldn’t be reading this now. You repeatedly feel it in your body, in your mind, and, incredibly, you notice it weaving itself more and more into your daily life…both inside and out…the experience of your own Divine Essence (svaroopa), the experience of your Self, the gift of Grace.

What a gift our Guru gives to us by being so accessible, and by insisting that the teachings and the vehicles to Self are accessible at all times to the world.  SVA offers hundreds of free written and audio teachings via the website…your virtual Ashram.  SVA offers free phone courses, in-person satsangs, meditation programs, and yoga classes. Even the precious enlivened mantra is available for the asking.  And are you noticing that wherever you are in the world, your Self is available to you?

So how do we express our overwhelming gratitude for the gifts we have been given? How do we insure that our community, our organization and our Teacher continue to flourish and to serve Self? By giving back, of course.  And I ask you, by giving to Self, who receives?

For this reason, I support my Ashram, my Guru, and Self through service on the Ashram Board, through regular seva and donations, and through gratitude for the gift of Grace that I can never repay. I invite you to join me.  Support your community with whatever generous financial contribution fits your budget.  Relax into that profound embrace.

Om Namah Shivaaya!

Click here to support your Ashram and your practice today.

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