Yoga in the World by Amala (Lynn) Cattafi, President, Svaroopa Vidya Ashram Board of Directors

Amala Lynn Cattafi

Amala (Lynn) Cattafi

I have a very dear friend, a yogi, who recently described me as a “human doing” rather than a human being. That would be hilarious if it were not such an accurate description. Maybe you can relate? She and I were having a short visit this week, and out of nowhere (hmmm, really?) I broke into a million pieces, a total meltdown. All of the shrama, the layers of exhaustion, just boiled over. It didn’t have to be this way. It was all my own doing, and doing, and doing.

Then I remembered, I have all of the tools I need at my fingertips, even closer than my breath. I put my Self first and sat to meditate — the elixir, the cure. I was seated in my Self again, blissfully. And all was well again. I was able to rejoin the world as a yogi living in the world, focused, able, without limitations and in awareness of what this amazing refuge of svaroopa gives me.

How silly can I be to think that I do it all when I put meditation as the last thing on my To Do List? Sometimes, integrating yoga into a busy, worldly life can be a challenge. It takes time, it takes commitment and focus. But I am worth it! You are worth it!

While yoga in the world is beautiful, I cannot imagine a world without Svaroopa® yoga. I see what it does in the world on both a small and a large scale — transformations as small as a blade of grass and as big as the sky.

This is why I offer my time in seva (service) to the Ashram. I offer my devotion to Swamiji and the community she has created. I offer my love and devotion always. But just as important, I offer my money for the betterment and support of this amazing organization and this amazing Teacher, so that she and those she has trained can continue their work.

Please join me in giving today, and give generously. I can speak from my position as President of the Ashram Board of Directors that your donations are very much needed, in any amount, deeply respected and always handled with loving care. It is our commitment to you and our service to you.

Thank you!

OM svaroopa svasvabhava namo namah

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